Nicki Minaj’s Brother found guilty for raping a 11 year old girl

Famous singer Nicki Minaj’s brother has to face at least 25 years in jail for raping an 11-year-old girl. Jelani Maraj was convicted in the year 2017 for predatory sexual assault and also child endangerment but was only handed a sentence of 25 years to life on Monday after a lengthy appeal claim.

Seems that the victim gave evidence during the trial that Jelani Maraj repeatedly raped her in 2015 in Long Island while her mother was at work. Such a shameful thing to hear. The prosecutors had a DNA test and they found out that they had recovered some DNA evidence from the girl’s pajamas which was linked to Maraj.

The victim’s younger brother also gave evidence at the trial that he had witnessed one assault. Jelani’s lawyer appealed against the conviction in 2018 claiming that there was jury misconduct. The judge ruled in October that the defense did not meet the necessary burden of proof. The criminal apologized on Monday in the court saying that he was sorry for the pain that he has caused. And he also said that he had an excessive drinking problem.

One of his lawyers said that he suffered some health issues including hypertension, gout, anemia and also requested a minimum of 10 years imprisonment.

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Let us hope for the best for the victim as well.

Source- Honk News

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